Payment connects the future

We will continue to create new values
for payment solutions to enrich our lives.

Our Story

“We are the leading company listed on the
First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

We started our operation in 1995 as a company providing credit card payment processing services for mail-order businesses.

Since then, we have expanded the scope of our online payment solutions for E-commerce businesses which grew rapidly with the spread of the Internet. We have been supporting the growth of Japanese E-commerce markets as a leading company in the payment industry.


We offer our comprehensive payment services to more than 82,000 merchants (as of Sep 2017) including: online merchants, such as online shops, and public organizations, such as NHK, National Tax Agency, and Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

We have continued to achieve growth in revenue and dividends of over 20% since we were listed in 2005, and now we aim to maintain an average operating income growth ratio of over 25%.

The main source of our growth is an effective employee training program. We pay attention to the growth of every employee and have developed the program emphasizing not only getting knowledge about business and technologies but also setting targets. Being oriented in one direction we are able to realize the continuous growth.

As a leading payment service provider in Japan, we will continue to grow together with our merchants. We will make further progress in becoming a company delivering vital services to the customers.

We will continue to implement our growth strategy for supporting investments in equipment and development of more than 10%, and maintaining an average operating income growth ratio of over 25%.

The first strategy is to develop online payment solutions for varied areas including public utility payments, taxes, and B2B transactions. Thus, we will expand our business into new markets.

The second strategy is to expand value-added services focused on money service business in conjunction with creating new services.

The third strategy is to respond to global markets and focus on world-wide competitiveness. Established local subsidiaries in 5 bases in Asia we will continue to boost our global business expansion. In particular, we will keep developing payment services for Japanese E-commerce companies moving to those areas, and continue to participate in investment activities with leading global companies.

We create new values for
payment area, and we are
always ready to respond to
extremely fast changes of the world.

P-Mark Certification
GMO Payment Gateway has acquired P-Mark certification.
The services of GMO Payment Gateway are PCI DSS 3.2 compliant.
All business premises of GMO Payment Gateway have acquired ISO/IEC.
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