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Growth trajectory

Delineating a new growth curve into the next two decades

We started our operation in 1995 as a company providing credit card payment processing services, primarily for E-commerce businesses.
Our core business of online payment services has maintained strong growth thanks to steadey expansion of the B2C e-commerce market, as well as transactions between businesses (B2B) and between consumers (C2C) increasingly being conducted online.
In order to delineate a new growth curve, we will continue further expansion of our business domain by developing comprehensive financial services. As a result, we will enter the next two decades with a fresh vision in mind.

Review of FY2018

102,484 merchants

1.36 billion transactions

Financial Highlights (Consolidated)

Business model

We present two business models according to the type of contract between merchants and credit card companies.

Direct contract with merchants

A merchant makes a contract with each credit card company separately. This merchant pays us a system fee (initial, stock, fee). Every credit company pays the proceeds directly to the merchant.

Representative contract with merchants

We provide merchants with a unified agreement among credit card companies, and charge them a system fee. We pay revenue directly to the merchant, after taking a percentage commission; instead of the credit card company paying the merchant.

Revenue model

4 types of revenue depending on the merchant.
The construction of the revenue model is both stable and growing: it represents the model that is composed of a running transaction revenue on the top of a stable stock revenue.

1Initial (initial revenue)

Initial introduction fee

Main KPI: Number of merchants newly acquired
Sales: Number of merchants newly acquired ×~Yen/time of introduction

2Stock (Monthly revenue)

Customer support and maintenance fee

Main KPI: Number of merchants
Sales: Number of active merchants ×~Yen / month

3Fee (Transaction processing revenue)

Fee charged per transaction

Main KPI: Number of processed payments
Sales: Number of processed payments ×~Yen

4Spread (Merchant acquiring service revenue)

Fee charged per transaction

Main KPI: Amount of processed payments
Sales: Amount of processed payments ×~%

P-Mark Certification
GMO Payment Gateway has acquired P-Mark certification.
The services of GMO Payment Gateway are PCI DSS 3.2 compliant.
All business premises of GMO Payment Gateway have acquired ISO/IEC.